USOC RJ45S questions

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The selected entry on this page:

for the RJ45S shows something rather simple, a typical connector and a programming resistor. Obviously the value of the resistor would be selected at the time the whole arrangement is wired.

However shown here:
largely agrees with that one. And the matching one for the RJ41S which he has up shows a box marked PAD in the connector:

What I am asking about is one of, has anyone ever seen one, and would then know what is inside that box?
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Re: USOC RJ45S questions
On 12/12/13, 10:26 PM, gregg dot drwho8 atsign gmail dot com wrote:
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For a more complete explanation of the uses of these RJ jacks (and  
others), take a look at this webpage:

RJ-45's were/are used extensively with dial-up modems, especially  
where RJ-11 operation would be unreliable. I have seen hundred's of  
them. RJ-41's less so.

a typical RJ45 would look like this:

with the resistor added at time of installation.

RJ41 would be similar but larger with the FLL/P switch.

BTW, the term "RJ45" existed in the telephony world long before  
Ethernet 10Base-T came along. The Ethernet LAN people usurped the term  
just because they happened to use the same physical 8pin hardware.

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