Use of Bell Logo: Qwest? SBC?

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I see that Quest renewed its use of the tradename Mountain Bell on the
Federal trademark register.. And will
rollover to the Quest website which cleverly maintains usage of that
old name!  The old BellAtlantic name also rolls over to Verizon.
PacificBell and NevadaBell names also do this trick. And if you look at
posting names on newgroups etc. these old names are still attached to
internet network backbone connections also. So the BELL names are still
living on in most cases...even if quietly.

Re: Use of Bell Logo: Qwest? SBC?


If I remember right, AT&T gave up the rights to BELL to
the B.O.C. when they were broken off in the 80's.

About half of the Verizon Vans in the Northern Virginia area
have the BELL System bell on the back, with the Verizon paint
job, there are still some trucks in the Bell Atlantic colors
and I saw one in BELL System colors still out there.


Re: Use of Bell Logo: Qwest? SBC?

I've seen the Bell System bell on the back of Verizon vans in the Rhode
Island and Southeastern Massachusetts areas, but not on the back of
Verizon vans in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana region.  I'm assuming this is
Verizon's way of maintaining their trademark rights to the logo in
former Bell areas, considering the Ft. Wayne area was GTE.

Re: Use of Bell Logo: Qwest? SBC?

caylorman wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
None of the Vehicles in California have the Bell System Bell either.
But on the pay phone they do.  I started seeing them at 7 Eleven, Savon
and Albertsons who must have contracts with them since the ones I have
seen are not in their service area, now all of them have them, with the
exception of a few places that still have the GTE signs and just Payphone.

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Re: Use of Bell Logo: Qwest? SBC?

I've noticed similar things both on in New England and here.  I do
remember the verizon payphones in R.I. having  the Bell logo at the top
of their enclosure.  Verizon phones in Ft. Wayne do not, although I
have seen a access points for buried lines that still have GTE logos.

I seem similar instances at gas stations and such that have phone
service from a company not in the area.  The Ft. Wayne area is
predominately Verizon (GTE), with the west portion of the county and
counties west under Sprint (United Telephone of Indiana).  However, I
have seen a few Ameritech/SBC (Indiana Bell) payphones on the west side
of the city.  I can only assume as you did that they must have some
type of contract to get connections from companies out of their service

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