televantage question

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I have been having a problem with my televantage server which i cant
seem to resolve since i am no expert with telephone equipment. in fact
i'd say pre-newbie. here is my config:

windows nt4 sp5
artisoft televantage 3.00.193
dialogic configuration manager states:
-> d/80SC-2LS at ID 3
-> d/240sc-t1 at id 0
->MSI/240SC-Global at ID 1
->MSI/240SC-Global at ID 2
-> Bus-0

My problem is during call forwarding during heavy call volume.

i have a 2 DIDs assigned to 2 autoattendants which are set up to
immediately transfer to say USER1. USER1 forwards to a remote office.

i get reports that the line is down, and when called from a cell phone,
i get the default greeting for USER1. if i look at the call manager on
the televantage client and notice that the call status of calls are
stuck on ringing for times of up to 1 hour. if i right click and take
the call, the customer is still on the phone and he was talking to
customer service rep whom i just disconnected. Upon normal operation,
calls that are forwarded are released from the call manager in the
client side after the autoattendant over there grabs the call.

does anyone have any information on debugging this? has anyone out
there ever experienced this issue and resolved it? any information is
appreciated, as this has been going on for over 2 years and i am
thinking of ripping the phone server out the rack and whipping it out
the window into the street.


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