set up to dial zero on PRI in Merlin Magix

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Hi all,
I am working on a Merlin Magix in our system interoperability lab.

I got the basic outbound calls working, but for some reason calls to
'0' or '00' are failing. (dialing 9,0 or 9,00.)

0+10 digits (national with operator assistance) works okay; 01/011
(international) works okay.

On the calls to 0 or 00, the Central Office doesn't even see the ISDN
setup message; however the Merlin doesn't say 'call denied' like it did
when I didn't have the basic programming.

On the ARS table for zero and n11 calls, I have FRL set to 2 and the
line pool shows 70. I didn't put that in there, that's the way it came

On the default toll and default local it also has FRL 2 and line pool
70, and those calls are completing so I figure that is probably

How can I find out for sure what is the correct line pool for my PRI

I am using WinSPM to administer the PBX, I don't have the correct set
for set-based administration.

Any help would be appreciated, and I apologize if these are 'dumb'
I did look in the documentation, but couldn't figure out where to find
this info.

 - Samm Hodgeman

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