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I have a small problem. I'm looking for a "maintenance test unit MTU" chip  
that AT&T was offering during the 1995 to 1996 time period.

Oddly enough it is mentioned by name, or function, but not by part number i
n the manual for their analog line card products. (Again from that time per
iod.) I am also wondering if anyone knows who the company transferred that  
entire line to when it as Lucent, was bought by the firm Alcatel. This happ
ened about ten to thirteen years ago.

A number of years previously I was asked to create a something which when a
ttached to the firm's (the firm who asked for it) inside wiring, would do a
ll of the things that the enclosed "maintenance test unit MTU" does. Natura
lly it would be decoupled from the inside wiring when the normal use of the
 system was requested.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to deliver on the contraption, mostly do to the
 complexities involved. Now I am revisiting this idea purely for my own ben
efits. However I'm not entirely sure any of this is doable.
Gregg C Levine

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