PBX driver for CSTA support

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hi all,

I m doin a PBX driver for third party CSTA servers. My PBX also
connects to any third party media server.

CSTA server needs to be informed about the media server(type,
capabilites etc) attached to the PBX.

For above to happen, PBX needs to communicate with the media server and
retrieve all the capabilites which can be further forwarded to the CSTA
server requests.

1) Is there any standard mechanism(protocol) available for the
communication b/w media server and PBX ??

2) Or, rather, wht kind of support does popular available media servers
provide for such kind of information exchange ??

3) all those popular available PBX which supports several media
servers, wht kind of protocol does they follow for information

Thanking you,


Re: PBX driver for CSTA support

jaakash wrote:

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Not to be rude, but you have posted the same question asked three
different ways three different times. Since the responses haven't been
coming in if I were you I would:

1) Contact the PBX vendor's support group. They should have specifics
regarding any proprietary software methods.

2) Contact the third party media server vendor's support group. They
also should have any specifics regarding proprietary methods that are

3) Check to see if these vendors are listed at http://www.tek-tips.com.
This website hosts many different forums for technical users and
developers. I have personally found the telco-related ones to be very
useful and responsive. Try this route if your particular vendors are

When you are talking about protocols and whatnot there is only one
generic form that I am aware of that coordinates CSTA type sessions.
This is TSAPI. I have very crude library for TSAPI that is wrapped in
the Ruby programming language. The main project is hosted at
http://tsapi.rubyforge.org . If you check out the project site you will
see a tsapi.pdf file, which details each and every method that TSAPI
uses for communication between clients and servers.

There are proprietary scenarios that are offshoots of CSTA, such as
Dialogic's CT-Connect. But when you get into these they aren't freely
available. So if you are trying to utilize them you are talking about
additional capital expense.

If you do start to put things together please post your progress, as
I'd like to see how you are able to either bypass TSAPI or tap into a
proprietary vendor's CSTA support.

Re: PBX driver for CSTA support

Just as a side note because the Dialogic CT Connect product was mentioned
here I wanted to make sure it was in this thread that Dialogic no longer
owns the CT Connect product line.

It was recently sold to Envox and they are now in charge of further
development / sales / support.

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