MeetMe problems on conference bridge served by DMS-100

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My agency use a Meet Me conference bridge with an upper limit of 30
callers.  The bridge runs on a DMS-100 switch we do not administer, and
which we hope to replace in the next 90 days.

The gobetween we have to talk to, in order to report telecomm problems,
says the clipping and distotrion we've been hearing  on our large
meeting room sound enhancement system, is caused by a "lockup" which is
caused by either:

1) a conference call participant linking our conference to a conference
he creates, bey either calling from his phone system to a third party,
or when someone else in a caller's office conferences internally by
joining the call from another extension, so two or more handsets are
connected over one line to the MeetMe line.

2) When a particpant terminates the call, but does not wait long enough
for the line to drop. It''s as if they're hookflashing insteading of
leaving the line idle long enough to drop.

The gobetween has been told to tell us that once either occurs, the
conference bridge will misbehave until the ILECH tech 'reseets' it
(which takes overnight).

I'm kinda underthrilled about this, and am eager to replace it, but
have to use this system in the interim.... is the ILEC rep blowing
smoke? If not, what's the best weay to handle this?

WHat has your experience been eith 30-seat conf call s/w on this

Thank you, all.

All you sales droids out there, we've already bought, and must
implement the new gear with the selected contractor. Therefore, don't
waste your time calling to sell us something.

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