Line Installation / Cutover checklist

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I have a bunch of locations with 2 to 8 lines that are being switched
over to another carrier and I need to put together a checklist of sort
to project manage it.  The carrier techs are obviously doing the
cutover, but I need to do the coordination and follow-up, site support

If anyone has a checklist or ms project doc that is same / similar
from previous jobs I would greatly appreciate a copy. I have scoured
the web but haven't really found anything relevant so far.


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Re: Line Installation / Cutover checklist

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Are you sure the carrier techs are doing the entire cutover ? Here the
carrier just goes to a demarc and we have to crossconnect to the equipment.
Also the better ones email/fax us a cutover sheet ahead of time. There is
almost always a forgotten line or two, unknown (to them) DSLs etc.


Re: Line Installation / Cutover checklist

TerryS wrote:
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Or my personal favorite - alarm lines.  The customer doesn't usually
find those until they are trying to close up and set the alarms for the
night.  Also HVAC lines are often missed.

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Re: Line Installation / Cutover checklist

Good point, I will ask for and see if the carrier has a cut sheet of

Basically we are ripping out all existing lines at each location and
putting in new Centrex, doubling some infrastructure at some locations
and the data network is already in place, so that's not being touched.
 The locations are geographically diverse so I cannot be on site for
each cut. I need to have some form of project guideline to manage the
process and it falls to me to liaise with the site contact, supplier
and technicians as well as corp. HQ to ensure smooth transition of

alarm, DSL and HVAC lines are great items I had missed in my
checklist.  Someone out there must have a Microsoft Project template
that relates to this type of project management. At least that's my

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There is

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