CSTA server for a PBX

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Hello Everyone,

My problem scenario is something like below,
I have a media server and a CSTA server connected to a PBX. For the
CSTA server to identify that the media server is connected to the PBX
one has to register the media server with a PBX. this helps the CSTA
server to identify the kind of media services attached to the PBX.

Is there any general protocol defined for such kind of registration
Or lets say if the PBX does not supports any such initial registration
process, then in that case how can my CSTA server come to know about
the media servers attached ??

I am writing a CSTA server for my PBX. In that case if i connect any
third party VMS to my PBX how can I come to know about the capabilities
of such a VMS ??

Thanking all in advance....


Re: CSTA server for a PBX

jaakash wrote:

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Are you using TSAPI in the creation of your CSTA server? If so then if
the media server honors the same TSAPI protocol perhaps you could use
an acsEnumServerNames() method to check if the media server is
advertising itself.

Re: CSTA server for a PBX

hello Everyone,

     The query is as below.
  In CSTA ECMA-269, Media Attachment services is provided. If i want to
attach Voice Message System without using Media Services
than how it can be achieved.
           Or does anybody know a CSTA Server which achieved such type
of mechanizm.

 thanking you in advanced.


Re: CSTA server for a PBX

Hemal.S...@MatrixTeleSol.com wrote:

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Here is an example of a vendor that has implemented the CSTA ECMA-269
standard --> .
As for sample code, you probably will find little resources. Most CTI
development is pretty closed source. You would have to at least narrow
down a programming language, such as C, C++, Java, etc.

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