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A newb, studying a bit about routing.

Specifically, I'm wondering how say, a given resident's router connects
to the rest of the network.  Does it go through a neighbor's say, or
does it connect in one hop to a "company" router, and then say to other
company routers (or not) before, if necessary, hitting another network's
router.  Does traffic exiting my router just go straight to the ISP's
offices downtown (or where ever)?

thanks in advance,

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Based on some more reading, I'm guessing a given customer's router is
"internal", does not communicate with other customers' routers.

Stanly J. Skimhopper
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Re: broadband routing
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A router or gateway, see , though
howsoever small and, or limited it may be in features and, or
functionality, simply makes it possible for host(s) on one network talk
to the host(s) on other network. Whereas, a network may have more than
one router and router may connect more than two networks.

A routers may have and, or perform default, static and, or dynamic
routes and can discover and talk to other routers with the help of
routing protocols, see

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Re: broadband routing
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Thanks.  I've found a pretty good resource in: /

as well.  The author disallows using something like wget to download the
site though.  But, it appears to be good material.

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