ANN: Berasno ANSI TCAP Decoding

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Protocol Engineers...

I am happy to announce that the Berasno Service (
now supports the ANSI TCAP protocol.  As you probably know, the ANSI
TCAP protocol is used to carry IS41 MAP data.

A new Service Specification page briefly describes the functionality of
the service to potential users.  The New User Introduction page was also
recently improved.  Please see the public documentation section
( /) for these pages.

Those of you unfamiliar with the Berasno Service might like to know that
the web interface has been up and running for just over a month now.  It
is built around a set of utilities that decode and encode protocol data
that is carried in the BER for ASN.1 format.  The Service is free.

The Service also supports the GSM/UMTS MAP, ITU TCAP, IETF SNMP, IETF
LDAP, IETF CMS, ISO ILL, and IETF/ITU X.509 protocols.


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BER for ASN.1 Decoding Online /

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