WQN, Inc. Announces the Introduction of RocketVoIP

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[Comment: I have looked over this company's web site a little bit and
while they are so new that I can't find any customer reviews of their
service, I can say that even if they do give decent service they don't
have as many features as some of their longer-established competitors,
and they only have Michigan numbers in some ratecenters in the Detroit
LATA.  In my personal opinion, the only reason I would ever consider
this company would be if I made a lot of international calls to the
locations covered by their unlimited plan -- otherwise, as someone who
generally only makes calls within the United States, I'd be much more
attracted to a company with more features, a record of good customer
service, and numbers in or near my ratecenter.]

http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/03-16-2005/0003201139&STORY&EDATE =

WQN, Inc. Announces the Introduction of RocketVoIP, an Expanded
Broadband Phone Service   http://www.wqn.com http://www.rocketvoip.com

The First to Offer Broadband Users Unlimited International Calling
                            From a Mobile Phone

    DALLAS, March 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- WQN, Inc. (Nasdaq:
WQNI), a leading provider of international long distance telephony
services utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), today
announced the introduction of its next generation VoIP technology
service, RocketVoIP.

    With RocketVoIP, subscribers can use their broadband service to
make and receive unlimited domestic and international calls using a
home phone, mobile phone or personal computer.  This service is being
introduced to WQN's current customer base and other ethnic groups.
RocketVoIP has unique features and advantages over competing products:

     *  Unlimited local, long distance and international calling to
        50 countries, for a low monthly fee of $24.95 a month
     *  The ability to use a mobile phone to access RocketVoIP's network for
        high quality unlimited international calls
     *  Free RocketVoIP in-network calling
     *  Free features including Caller-ID, Call-Waiting, Call-Forwarding,
        3-Way Calling, Voice Mail, and more
     * A total calling solution enabling travelers to make and receive
       phone calls from anywhere in the world using a personal
       computer and high- speed internet access, including Wi-Fi

    "Over the last four years we have invested a significant amount of
time, energy and resources in both research and development to create
an international VoIP network which currently services over 300,000
retail customers," said Mike Adler, WQN's President and Chief
Executive Officer.  "RocketVoIP allows us to leverage this existing
infrastructure to provide a next generation converged broadband phone
service that we believe will save customers 70 percent on their total
calling needs."

"A significant number of our customers already use their mobile phones
to access our VoIP network and make international calls," said Victor
E.  Grijalva, WQN's Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  "We
believe many of these customers will prefer RocketVoIP, as it is the
first service to offer unlimited international calling from a mobile

For more information on RocketVoIP, please visit
http://www.rocketvoip.com .

About WQN, Inc.

WQN, Inc. is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony
company providing international long distance services.  WQN's
customers utilize the company's enhanced VoIP services platform to
make and receive calls using their home phone, business phone,
personal computer and mobile phone.  The Company is headquartered in
Dallas, Texas and has offices in Los Angeles, California, and New
Delhi, India.  For more information about WQN Inc., please visit the
company's Web site at http://www.wqn.com .

Web Site: http://www.wqn.com http://www.rocketvoip.com

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