Why Verizon Is Giving Free Service to Many Florida Customers [telecom]

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By Aaron Pressman

Verizon announced on Tuesday that it would give three months of free
service to its wireless customers in the Florida panhandle region
affected by Hurricane Michael. The move comes after sharp criticism of
the industry from, among others, the head of the Federal Communi-
cations Commission, over its failure to recover quickly from storm

Every Verizon customer living in Bay and Gulf counties will get the
three free months, including both consumer and business accounts,
Verizon said.


Bill Horne
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***** Moderator's Note *****

There is an alternative explanation for Verizon's largese: the company
isn't concerned with the FCC, with which they already have a chummy
relationship, but rather with the possibility that lower-income users
will realize that the convenience of cell phones isn't worth the

It doesn't take much: once folks get used to the idea that their boss
isn't entitled to demand they carry an electronic leash all the time,
and that calls can be better made on a landline for much less money,
they'll drift away from cellular service. Verizon, public servant that
it is, is deathly afraid that the paradigm shift the cellular industry
achieved will suddenly go backwards, towards unionized employees with
health coverage and benefits, and users who demand that they be served
the old, expensive way. Heaven forfend!

Bill Horne

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