Why Does AT&T Want Net Neutrality Regulation? [telecom]

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By Peter Van Doren <https://www.cato.org/people/peter-vandoren

Regulation is often portrayed as the use of government authority to
alter market outcomes away from the interests of firms and toward
those of consumers and employees. In turn, the "story" associated with
deregulation is the opposite: corporations and the powerful use their
influence to eliminate public sector controls on their conduct at the
expense of consumers and employees.

But if the usual narrative is true how do we explain a full-page ad ...


that AT&T recently published in multiple newspapers, including the
Washington Post and the New York Times, calling on Congress to pass
new legislation to guarantee internet neutrality? The short answer is
that existing companies often favor regulation that reduces compe-
tition in ways not well understood by consumers or legislators.


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