When your computer starts watching you, it's time to demand more privacy [telecom]

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(The original headline read "When your TV starts watching you ...")


New assaults on privacy pop up every day. For example, Verizon-owned
Oath, the owner of AOL and Yahoo!, is telling users who wade through
the legalese that it is giving itself permission to snoop through and
store their emails, instant messages, posts, photos and message
attachments and share that data, including personal banking

If there's a data breach at Oath, hackers could wind up with a gold mine.


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OK, leaving aside the question of how they're going to monitor your
banking information, this strikes me as a perfect illustration of the
reason we all need to use end-to-end encryption for all our emails.

Of course, this touches on the fact that Network Neutrality is a lost
cause: it was never going to be about "fast lanes" for video service
"X" or audio service "Y," but rather about very, very slow lanes (or
none at all) for anything that can't be scanned and used to tell us
what to think and who to vote for.

Bill Horne
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