What's the right age to give your child a cell phone? [telecom]

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By Kim Ancin

If your child doesn't yet have a cell phone, it's probably high on his
gift list. No doubt he's been pleading for one and telling you that
everyone has one. Plus, there are advantages for parents, like being
able to reach him when he's not home. But many parents have concerns
as well. Here's some expert advice on knowing the right time to give
your kid a cell phone.

"It's extraordinary how much younger kids are now getting
smartphones," says Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety
Institute. "It was once typical for kids to get phones in high school
or sometimes later. Today, 95% of all teens have access to a cell
phone, according to the Pew Research Center. In high-tech families the
average age kids get cell phones is 7-and-a-half," Balkam says.


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