What CenturyLink Shareholders Want From Level 3 Management For Xmas [telecom]

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Dear Mr. Storey Claus,

As a CenturyLink shareholder I'm very relieved that you are now in
charge of day to day operations.

I've seen the improvements that you've made at Level 3 (LVLT) since
taking over in April of 2013 and watched as the stock price more than
doubled over the next two years. However, not everyone is watching as
carefully as I am. I spoke on the phone with one pension fund managers
just a couple of weeks ago. When I mentioned your management's
assurances about the dividend, and my math projecting that it would
not be cut, his response was "Oh, really?" He then conceded that he
had not looked at the company in almost a year, let alone projected
the combined business.


Bill Horne
(Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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