Webpass is leaving Boston in latest sign of Google Fiber's shrinking ambitions [telecom]

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Webpass is leaving Boston in latest sign of Google Fiber's shrinking

Google Fiber isn't just stalling; now it's shrinking

By Chris Welch

Webpass, the wireless home broadband company that Google Fiber
acquired in 2016, is exiting the Boston market. The Verge received a
reader tip on the situation and a quick look around revealed that
Boston is no longer listed as a current Webpass market on the
company's website. (It still appeared as recently as December.)
Reached by phone Tuesday evening, a Webpass customer service
representative confirmed that the company has stopped accepting new
customers in Boston. And in a statement, Access - the Alphabet
subsidiary that runs Google Fiber - also confirmed the news.

"As with any acquisition, we've spent some time evaluating the Webpass
business. As a result of our analysis, we've made the decision to wind
down Webpass operations in Boston," an Access spokesperson said by
email. "We'll work with customers and partners to minimize disruption,
and there will be no immediate impacts to their Webpass service. We
continue to see strong subscriber response across the rest of the
Webpass portfolio, including successful launches in Denver and Seattle
in 2017."


***** Moderator's Note *****

The loss of an Internet service provider may not seem to be related to
telecom, but I'm afraid it is. There is a shadow-boxing match going on
between major phone providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T, and
their potential rivals, and it's being waged at the third level of the
Internet: the part where the power brokers decide who will be able to

I may be wrong - I've been wrong before - but ISTM that the U.S.
Internet infrastructure is being taken over by established players who
have been maneuvering for years to eliminate any potential compet-
itor's ability to challenge them, by denying the newcomers the
option to connect to anyone that's disatisfied with the status quo.

Bill Horne

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