Vertical service codes for caller ID [telecom]

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Vertical services codes are defined by NANPA to let customers
(somewhat) control their phone service.  They're mostly of the form

Service code *67 blocks sending caller-id, and *82 unblocks if your
cid is blocked by default.  In the past, when I've used them, I dial
*82, get a second dial tone, then call NXX-XXXX or 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX.

I just switched from copper to fiber at my local phone company, and
now it's *67NXX-XXXX or *67NXX-NXX-NXXX or *82NXX-XXXX or
*82NXX-NXX-XXXX, no second dial tone, no 1- before 10D.  I guess they
use a timeout to tell 7D from 10D.

This seems wrong, but I can't find a spec beyond what's on the NANPA
web site.  Is there a more complete spec anywhere?

I am NOT, repeat NOT asking anyone how you personally think it should
work, I'm asking if there's a written standard I can point to.  TIA.

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