Verizon was Supposed to Start SIM Locking Phones by Now [telecom]

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Verizon shared plans back in February for a future change that
involved SIM locking of their phones. The news made headlines because
for one, Verizon doesn't lock their phones and hasn't for years
(unlike other carriers), but it also was a significant change because
they aren't allowed to lock them. I'm not kidding with that. FCC rules
they agreed to as part of their purchase of Block C spectrum
prohibited handset locking.

We were told at the time of that reveal that we'd get a clearer
outline of their planned changes once they rolled them out in the
spring. If you've looked at a calendar recently, then you know that
summer is almost over and fall is upon us. We are well past any sort
of spring rollout of a policy change. We have no idea what Verizon is
doing with the SIM locking policy they first shared back in February.

Bill Horne
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