Verizon Tackling Call Center Fraud [telecom]

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A new service aims to improve how enterprises handle voice
authentication in their customer service operations.

By Beth Schultz

Despite this being the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the nation's
retailers have cranked up their marketing machines and already are
offering "Black Friday" deals -- the crazy holiday season thrust upon
us earlier than ever. Fraudsters are, no doubt, rubbing their hands
together in glee.

With rampant shopping mania comes ripe opportunity for fraudsters to
take advantage of the unwitting -- be they consumers or businesses. I
recently heard a story about how a fraudster had set up a phony offer
for Uggs last holiday season; as part of the scam, the fraudster
co-opted the use of a toll-free customer service number employed by a
real company -- Zumiez, an edgy skateboard/snowboard retailer. Zumiez
only discovered that its phone number had been misappropriated for
fraudulent transactions when it began receiving calls from the Uggs
buyers asking why they hadn't received the items that they'd
purchased, Megan Miles, customer service manager at Zumiez, recounted
at Talkdesk's Opentalk 2018 conference earlier this month.

Bill Horne
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