Verizon Sends Employees to Infosys with a Timebomb Tied [telecom]

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We covered the deal between Verizon and Infosys in 3 different
articles (Verizon Infosys Deal - What is Wrong in Terming it Slave
Trade? and Verizon Infosys Slave Trade : US Employees Worst Affected),
in the last 2 weeks. We talked about various issues faced by Indian
employees who are being transferred to Infosys. In our third article,
we promised to discuss about the impact on US employees. This article
talks about issues faced by US employees:

"Those employees aren't eligible for severance payments and won't
receive their 2018 bonus if they are offered a job at Infosys and
don't accept it, according to materials given to the employees."

Bill Horne
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