Verizon says it's locking its phones down to combat theft [telecom]

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The wireless carrier has been selling phones unlocked, allowing you to
swap SIM cards and use other carriers. Soon, it'll lock phones for a
certain period.

BY Roger Cheng

Verizon is taking an extra step to protect its phones.  

The nation's largest wireless carrier said Monday that it would begin
locking the phones it sells to consumers, which will prevent them from
using a SIM card from another carrier. Initially, the phones will be
unlocked as soon as a customer signs up and activates the service. But
later in the spring, the company will begin the practice of keeping
the phone locked for a period of time after the purchase -- in line
with the rest of the industry.

Bill Horne
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I attended a meeting once, with a COCOT vendor who came to Boston to
meet our group of management trainees. I asked him to tell us what
Verizon was best at, and he said "You're very good at concealing what
you really want."

Bill Horne

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