Verizon's Oath Is The Second-Dumbest Corporate Name Ever [telecom]

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By Jonathan Berr

Earlier this year, I declared that Tronc was the "dumbest name in the
history of corporate America." Oath, Verizon's digital media arm that
includes Yahoo, AOL and The Huffington Post, is a close second.

Oath CEO Tim Armstrong, the mastermind behind Verizon's $9 billion bet
on digital media, told Variety in 2017 that Oath was meant to convey
Verizon's long-term commitment to the media business. However, the
brand never really resonated with the public and Wall Street analysts
who were skeptical of the wireless company 's strategy from the
start. Given Verizon's current predicament, the name "Oath" is
especially awkward. The new name Verizon Media Group, which goes into
effect January 9, is a huge improvement.

Bill Horne
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