Verizon Now Says That Throttling Video Is Totally Cool [telecom]

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By Rhett Jones

Verizon set off alarm bells among net neutrality advocates last week
when customers reported that the ISP was throttling Netflix video. If
true, that would likely be a violation of current FCC guidelines.  
Verizon responded that it was just testing throttling technology on
all video. On Tuesday, it went a step further and laid out a legal
argument for why it can throttle video traffic across its platform
anytime it wants.

Last week, Verizon Wireless customers noticed that the Netflix
speed-test tool indicated that video data was capped at 10Mbps and
that cap applied to both "unlimited" and limited plans. With the
doomsday environment for net neutrality under the current FCC, this
was worrisome. Verizon confirmed to Ars Technica that it was
conducting routine tests of throttling on all video on its network.

Bill Horne
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