Verizon Is The Only US Wireless Carrier Charging Extra For 5G [telecom]

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By Karl Bode

By now we've established that while fifth-generation (5G) wireless
will result in faster, more resilient networks, the technology has
been over-hyped to an almost comical degree. Yes, faster, lower
latency networks are a good thing, but 5G is not as paradigm-rattling
as most wireless carriers and hardware vendors have led many in the
press to believe. 5G is more of a useful evolution than a revolution,
but it has become the equivalent of magic pixie dust in tech policy
circles, wherein if you simply say "it will lead to faster deployment
of 5G!"  you'll immediately add gravitas to your otherwise
underwhelming K Street policy pitch.

Bill Horne
Telecom Digest Moderator

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