Verizon doesn't care about Sprint and T-Mobile merger, says it'll win 5G race [telecom]

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"We frankly don't care," is Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam's response to
the recently announced plan for competitors Sprint and T-Mobile to
merge. His comment came during an interview ahead of the carrier's
annual shareholder's meeting, according to the Seattle Times. McAdam
had been asked to comment on the impending arrival of a sizable new
competitor, and added, "We don't have a point of view on whether it
goes through or it doesn't."

The T-Mobile and Sprint merger has been tried twice before. Neither
time has resulted in success, but this time it seems both firms have
agreed on terms and conditions. The new company will be called
T-Mobile, and will be home to 126 million customers, or around 25
million fewer than U.S. market leader Verizon. T-Mobile CEO John
Legere called it, "A larger, stronger competitor that will be a force
for positive change."

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You may trust me when I write that if Verizon says it doesn't matter, it
matters a LOT. -bh

Bill Horne
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