The operator CenturyLink blocked access to the Internet for the sake of displaying their a...

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Posted by: Julia Trepalina

In early December, residents of the US state of Utah, using the
services of the telecom-operator CenturyLink, began to complain
massively that the provider was blocking access to the Internet to
show their ads. At the same time, the company explained its actions
with the requirements of local legislation.

Judging by the messages on Twitter and Reddit, CenturyLink subscribers
faced sudden disruptions in access to the Network. When trying to open
a web page on the devices screen, a pop-up window appeared with a
CenturyLink advertisement, in which the operator offered his own paid
content filter that protects children from malicious online
materials. Access could be restored only by pressing the "OK" button,
confirming that the user has read the information.

Bill Horne
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