The hijacking flaw that lurked in Intel chips is worse than anyone thought [telecom]

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A remote hijacking flaw that lurked in Intel chips for seven years was
more severe than many people imagined, because it allowed hackers to
remotely gain administrative control over huge fleets of computers
without entering a password. This is according to technical analyses
published Friday.

As Ars reported Monday, the authentication bypass vulnerability
resides in a feature known as Active Management Technology. AMT, as
it's usually called, allows system administrators to perform a variety
of powerful tasks over a remote connection. Among the capabilities:
changing the code that boots up computers, accessing the computer's
mouse, keyboard, and monitor, loading and executing programs, and
remotely powering on computers that are turned off. In short, AMT
makes it possible to log into a computer and exercise the same control
enjoyed by administrators with physical access.

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