The FCC is finally cracking down on the use of spoofed local numbers to robocall you [tele...

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By Andy Meek

It's likely that many of you reading this have had your cellphone
bombarded at some point with spam calls that trick you into answering
by spoofing a local number. The purpose being so that you don't see a
1-800 prefix or something similar that would let you know it's not a
real person.

Those kinds of spoofed calls have seemed to multiply with no end in
sight, basically leaving callers helpless to stop them beyond blocking
each number or just never answering your phone when you see numbers
you don't recognize. Thankfully, the FCC is finally moving to take
action and has proposed a first-of-its-kind fine against one company
accused of engaging in this practice.

Bill Horne
(Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

***** Moderator's Note *****

As welcome as the news may be, I must take it with a grain of
salt. This is not a fine, just a proposal to levy one - right before
the election.

Bill Horne

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