TelecomDirect News Daily Update - January 20, 2006

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The TelecomDirect News Daily Update
For January 20, 2006

Competing Technologies Vie for Mobile TV

     Mobile TV -- an off-the-shelf-acronym for all TV services that
     are beamed to hand-held devices -- is gathering pace once more as
     the much-anticipated 'killer application' for 3G
     infrastructure. Within 10 days this month, three different
     announcements involving technological enhancements to 3G
     highlighted the strong interest in the...

U.S. Government Plans to Provide Frequencies for WiMAX

     Michael Gallagher, the assistant secretary of commerce for
     communications and information, has said that the U.S. government
     plans to open up frequencies for WiMAX. Gallagher told the
     Wireless Communications Association's Annual International
     Symposium and Expo that the government plans to auction off the
     1,710 MHz and 2,110 MHz...

Alltel Profit Falls on Katrina Costs

     LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Telecommunications company Alltel Corp.,
     which is shedding its traditional telephone business, said Friday
     its fourth-quarter profit fell 6 percent, due to costs related to
     Hurricane Katrina and other one-time expenses, many related to
     acquisitions and sales.  The Little Rock-based company said for
     the quarter ended...

Swisscom chief resigns after disagreement with government over expansion plans

     ZURICH, Switzerland -- Swisscom AG said its Chief Executive Jens
     Alder quit Friday in the wake of the national telephonecarrier's
     battle with the government over the company's expansion plans.
     Alder's resignation takes effect immediately and he will be
     replaced by Carsten Schloter, chief executive of Swisscom's
     mobile phone business.  ...

Private equity group takes control of 88 percent of telecom TDC

     COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Private equity firms bidding for TDC A/S
     said they controlled 88.2 percent of the Danish telecom's shares
     as the deadline expired Friday for their 76 billion kroner (US$12
     billion) bid.  The group, Nordic Telephone Co., extended the
     deadline on Jan.  12 after Denmark's biggest pension fund, ATP,
     said the offer was...

Google Says No to QOS Fees

     Google (Nasdaq: GOOG - message board) said Thursday it would not
     pay telephone or cable companies "QOS fees" in exchange for
     priority treatment on the operators' broadband networks. (See Net
     Neutrality Goes to Washington.)  "Google is not discussing
     sharing of the costs of broadband networks with any carrier,"
     writes Google spokesman...

Bill Targets Phone Record Fraud

     WASHINGTON -- Members of Congress want to make stealing wireless
     phone records an explicit crime and are adding fines and prison
     time as further deterrents.  In a bi-partisan bill introduced
     yesterday, Sen.  Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.; Sen. Arlen Specter,
     R-Penn.; and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., propose companies or
     individuals that access...

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