[telecom] Verizon doesn't care about Sprint and T-Mobile merger, says it'll win 5G race

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      I have to say that Verizon Wireless has a captive market by their
competitions' own making.

      Every time I have switched to another cellular carrier to save
money, I always end up switching back because of different issues.

      One carrier's calls would only go through after I dialed it three or
more times.  After making repeated complaints with no resolution in
sight, I switched back to Verizon Wireless.

      One carrier's phone unit kept squawking 'Voice command.  Please
enter a command!' for no apparent reason at times that proved
embarrassing (the voice command function was disabled in the phone
settings and they went through the settings with me and confirmed
this).  When I couldn't get them to do anything about it and asked
to speak to a supervisor, the CSR told me that she would not 'let'
me speak to a supervisor.  So I ultimately called back and canceled
switching back to Verizon.  I cited this as my reason for canceling
giving the name of the CSR who refused to let me speak to a
supervisor as the ultimate reason I canceled.  It is unacceptable to
refuse to let a customer speak to a supervisor if they are not
satisfied with the resolution or lack thereof.

      Another carrier's 411 service would hang up on me before giving the
number.  I needed that number and I retried a total of four more
times yet it hung up every time just before giving the number.  I
never got the number.  I was billed for five 411 calls and they
refused to give me full credit for it.  They did give me a small
credit for it that was less than half of what the charges were.  
They told me that I would have to call their third party 411
provider to ask for full credit.  But they would not provide me with
a correct number to reach that third party's customer service.  So I
refused to pay it and changed back to Verizon.  The carrier kept
pestering me for months with phone calls and notices over the
amount.  I cited them my reason for not paying it and I stuck to my
guns.  After several months, they turned me out for collection.  
Their collection agency was more reasonable.  When I wrote them and
cited why I refused to pay, I never heard from them again.

      Verizon may be more expensive.  But my overall experience with their
network and their customer service has been mostly good.  I no
longer even consider switching to another carrier to save money
because expecting good service from their competitors is an exercise
in futility.

      It's a crying shame that their competitors cannot get it together.


    Date: Fri, 4 May 2018 11:07:54 -0400
    Subject: [telecom] Verizon doesn't care about Sprint and T-Mobile
merger, says
    it'll win 5G race

    "We frankly don't care," is Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam's response to
    the recently announced plan for competitors Sprint and T-Mobile to
    merge. His comment came during an interview ahead of the carrier's
    annual shareholder's meeting, according to the Seattle Times. McAdam
    had been asked to comment on the impending arrival of a sizable new
    competitor, and added, "We don't have a point of view on whether it
    goes through or it doesn't."

    The T-Mobile and Sprint merger has been tried twice before. Neither
    time has resulted in success, but this time it seems both firms have
    agreed on terms and conditions. The new company will be called
    T-Mobile, and will be home to 126 million customers, or around 25
    million fewer than U.S. market leader Verizon. T-Mobile CEO John
    Legere called it, "A larger, stronger competitor that will be a force
    for positive change."


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    You may trust me when I write that if Verizon says it doesn't matter, it
    matters a LOT. -bh

    Bill Horne
    (Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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