[telecom] The Rise of Fiber Infrastructure

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By the editors, FireceCable, October 11, 2017

The dawn of the 5G era will require a massive infusion of fiber deep into networks
to provide a foundation for the explosion of mobile data traffic that will occur
around 2020. To prepare for this infusion, you need to plan now for your next fiber


Neal McLain

Re: [telecom] The Rise of Fiber Infrastructure
On Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:11:20 -0500, "Neal McLain"

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That URL has your contact info filled in.....

Back to the question - the assumption made here is that 5G gets
deployed with all the bells and whistles + high frequency options
which push the bandwidth needed on a cell into N x Gbps.

However, it will be like 4G - different allocations and frequencies
will imply different distance limits and bit rates.

[At this time], for 4G, it has turned out that high bandwidth is mainly
in cities and hot spots, but many more rural cells run with microwave
backhaul at 100 Mbps to fractional Gbps.

The 1st rollout to get sensible 5G coverage isn't going to use a cell
[on every] lampost, except where the user density makes it worthwhile.


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