[Telecom] Spoofed from My Cellular Exchange?

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      I have noticed a few times that when I get a telemarketing call that
it is from a number on my own cellular exchange.

      Example: Say that my cellular number is (625) 456-1234.

      When I get a call from a few certain telemarketers, I get something
like (625) 456-2240 in the CID.

      These are numbers that I made up as examples.  According to
LincMad.com, 625 is not a live area code at this time (it is not
listed as an active area code).  I dialed these numbers and got

      I find it strange that they would be calling from a cellular
exchange!  And they have the same exchange code that my cellular
phone is on?

      I have little doubt that the CID number was spoofed.  I called back
once or twice and I always get a 'not in service' recording.  I
guess they are careful to spoof using a non-working number.

      Do they actually believe that I would think [since it was coming
from my exchange] that I would assume they are a neighbor and answer
the phone anyway?

      Oh, I'll answer.  But [as soon as I hear the pitch] I shut them
down.  I do that with all telemarketers.  And I am very blunt when I
do.  And I always tell them to 'Put me on your Do Not Call list!' so
I'm very clear.

      I can't think of a way to block them since they are using different
spoofed numbers.  Hopefully, they will get tired of getting an
earful from me and not call back.  Fortunately, they don't call me
very often.  In fact, it is months between such events.

      I could add them to my blacklist.  But they will just spoof another
number when they call back.  So in this case, there is just no

      The CallCentric service is terrific.  I have gotten a few numbers
from telemarketers that were defined as low probability of a
telemarketing call.  I just add them to my blacklist [which I can do
with a few clicks of a mouse from the CallCentric Web site] and I
don't hear from them any more.  And with that mouse, I can also
report them so that the company [that rates the numbers] can
consider changing their status to medium or high probability of
being a telemarketer.

      I wish I could hear the telemarketers reaction when they get the SIT
tones and the not in service recording that Callcentric sends to
callers on my blacklist and to numbers that are rated medium or high
probability of being a telemarketing call.  Even if they do call
again, my phone will not ring for them nor will they get my voice

      Bob Bulmash suspended Private Citizen's 'Do Not Call Directory'
service.  Most telemarketers are calling from outside of the country
and can easily skirt the Do Not Call list law.  And it is difficult
for him to serve them since most of them are outside of the United

      I consider Callcentric a new way to fight back.

      Like all things, it is not a perfect service.  But my phone has been
relatively quiet except for legitimate callers.  If they do get
through, at I have the tools to fight back.

      Thanks to John Levine for being the first to suggest this service
and thanks to everyone else who made the same recommendation.


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