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       I am finding it difficult to maintain reachability using my cellular,
home VOIP, and office phones.

      The cellular in my office area is the pits [probably because our lab has
hoards of satellite transmission equipment under test most of the time].  The
odds of receiving a cellular call at my desk are maybe 25/75.  Not good if you
are expecting an important personal call.  Making one is just as iffy unless I
walk out into the lobby area to make it.  At work, it would be great if the
call could be received on my desk phone.

       I have heard of services that are available that allow someone to dial
a single number and then reach out to several of your phones to find you.  I
have found a few online.  But none of the ones I have found serve the greater
Phoenix Metropolitan area.

       If you know of such a service serving Phoenix [and their cost isn't off
the scale], could you email me directly with their information?  It would also
be nice to port my home number to that service and get another number for my
home VOIP phone.  That number is already well known by those who may need to
reach me.  I would imagine that could be very easily done by such a provider.

      If anyone can help me [with some information] on this, I would greatly
appreciate it.


Re: Residential Follow/Find Me Services [Telecom]
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I've been happy with Callcentric, www.callcentric.com, who provide a
la carte VoIP services.  They have local Phoenix numbers and you can
set up call treatments to do simultaneous ringing of both outgoing
numbers and VoIP extensions (the latter working well on wifi.)  If you
don't answer, they have free voicemail which can e-mail you the
recorded message.

You can set up something usable for $5/mo, more like $10/mo if you
want a flat rate minute bundle.


Re: Residential Follow/Find Me Services [Telecom]

    I thank all of you for the good suggestions on resolving this issue.

    I went with John Levine's suggestion (Callcentric).  It seems to
be working fine for me.  I still have a couple of issues to resolve
with it.  One was getting my local number ported over.

    I have a VOIP phone on Magic Jack.  I am trying to port that
number to Callcentric since it is the one that most people dial to
reach me.

    Magic Jack bills annually for renewal.  And Callcentric [like most
phone service providers] requires an invoice from the provider from
which the number is being ported.  However, it appears that Magic Jack
purges their invoices out of their billing system after a center
amount of time [and I last renewed over summer of last year].  I
haven't seen the renewal invoice for this year and I don't know how
soon I will receive it.  The invoice must include my account number,
the number to be ported, and my service address.  All Magic Jack has
been able to give me is a receipt for payment.  I am going to get a
new local number to replace the number on the Magic Jack phone after I
port the old one.

    I corresponded with Callcentric.  They told me to take screenshots
of the required information in my Magic Jack profile and attach them
to the porting request.

    They also requested that I provide them with the password to my
Magic Jack profile so they could further confirm that the number is
mine to port.  So I did both.  I changed it to a temporary password,
of course.

    It only took them a couple of hours to confirm it.  They have
already noted on the case that the scheduled porting date is 5/22 (one
week from today).

    Porting issue resolved.

    The remainder will just be cosmetic tweaking here and there.



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Are there any non-portable number blocks left?  

Bill Horne

Re: Residential Follow/Find Me Services [telecom]
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Blocks is but one question. A bigger one is: can the carrier you want
port the DN you seek?

Fred Goldstein can explain this; it's like a bad version of classic


Re: Residential Follow/Find Me Services [Telecom]

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Google Voice does that; it rings up to 6 forwarding phones.  It has
limitations, spend some time with it and read the forum

<https://productforums.google.com/forum /#!categories/voice>

... before jumping in with both feet.

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