[telecom] Illinois (IL!!) new law restricting use of "Stingrays"

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well, at least casual use by the local folk. Feds, I'd
guess, are unaffected.

[Illinois ACLU press release]

Statement: Governor Bruce Rauner signs Senate Bill 2343
(Cell site simulator regulation)

Earlier today, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law
Senate Bill 2343, a measure that increases transparency and
regulation of cell site simulators, often known by the brand
name Stingrays, when they are used by law enforcement in Illinois.
Left unregulated, the technology can be a powerful tool for mass
surveillance as it can sweep up large amounts of data from cell
phones in a particular area.

The new law, once it goes into effect, requires law enforcement
to get a court order to use a Stingray, adopt specific procedures
to assure that data of non-targets is not captured and retained
and prohibit the technology to block phone calls, drain a phone
battery or intercept the content of phone calls, web browsing
and text messages by police.

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