[telecom] EU "Galileo" GPS system remains down

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h/t Lauren.  But a good catch

The time signals from US based GPS are used on
lots of telecom gear.  I don't know if the Galileo
system has similar subscribers.

Subject: [ PRIVACY Forum ] EU "Galileo" GPS system remains down

EU "Galileo" GPS system remains down

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, the EU's "Galileo" GPS system is
down. And it remains down, except for search and rescue transmissions


aha, some more info:

"Another source close to the program told us, 'As far as I know, it is a  
problem of the PTF [Precise Timing Facility] in Italy's time has an impact on  
the whole constellation!"


Re: [telecom] EU "Galileo" GPS system remains down
Quoted text here. Click to load it

"Galileo started offering Early Operational Capability (EOC)
on 15 December 2016, providing initial services with a weak
signal, and is expected to reach Full Operational Capability
(FOC) in 2019.[11] The complete 30-satellite Galileo system
(24 operational and 6 active spares) is expected by 2020."

To the best of my knowledge, it is not operationnal yet.

source: Wikipedia

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