[Telecom] Cannot Get Answer from Verizon

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     I have an issue I need to get an answer from Verizon Wireless on.

     When I spoke to their customer service, they told me to write
their support team at the following address and they would get it to
the right person so I could get an answer:

Verizon Wireless
Correspondence Team
Attn: Customer Service / Carrier Network Department
P. O. Box 660108
Dallas, TX 75266-0108

     I sent my first request to them on July 4th.  I never got a reply
either by mail, email, or phone.

     I sent a second request [for the same information] to them on
August 7th.  Still no reply of any kind.

     So on August 28th, I wrote them again and this time I copied the
Verizon Corporate Headquarters with copies of my current and previous
correspondences asking that they respond to my inquiry.

     This is the Corporate address that I used:

Verizon Corporate Offices
1095 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013-6797

     It has been ten days and still no phone call, email, or reply.

     I consider this totally unacceptable.  The very least I expect is
a reply.

     Anyone have a suggestion as to how to get a response to my

     I would never have believed this out of Verizon Wireless.


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