T-Mobile Workers Share Concerns Over T-Mobile/Sprint Merger [telecom]

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T-Mobile Workers Share Concerns Over T-Mobile/Sprint Merger with
Deutsche Telekom CEO, Meet with Supervisory Board Members

Seattle, Wash. - In a new letter to Timotheus Höttges, CEO of
T-Mobile USA's parent company Deutsche Telekom (DT), T-Mobile
employees express concerns over the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger
and outline specific commitments and assurances they are seeking from
the New T-Mobile. CEO Höttges and members of DT's supervisory board
are visiting T-Mobile USA headquarters this week for a supervisory
board meeting.

The letter expresses concern that the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger
"will mean the loss of American jobs, cuts in wages and commissions,
and a corresponding reduction in quality to our customers" and
requests "solid and verifiable assurances that the New T-Mobile will
not discard the front line workers who have made T-Mobile and Sprint
so successful." Specifically, the letter calls for commitments that
that New T-Mobile will "secure our jobs without cuts to compensation;
bring back outsourced jobs from overseas and in the USA, and respect
our rights on the job by stopping management interference with our
right to organize."


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