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T-Mobile is offering a free trial of their network

What is T-Mobile Test Drive?

T-Mobile is amping one of its original Un-carrier movies - Test Drive
- to give everyone a chance to try the Un-carrier's expanded LTE
network and see how our newest, most powerful signal - 600 MHz
Extended Range LTE - reaches further than ever before. With Test
Drive, you can try T-Mobile's LTE network for up to 30 days for FREE -
all with your own phone, phone number and apps.

To participate, sign up and you'll receive a pocket-sized hotspot to
connect to your current phone to experience a T-Mobile's best network
yet.  After 30-days or 30GB of data, whichever comes first, you can
return the device to any T-Mobile store or pass it on to a friend.

Try Our Network with a Free 30-Day Trial


***** Moderator's Note *****

I usually delete obvious sales pitches, but this one is an
exception. Verizon has a monopoly on cell coverage where I live now,
so the thought that T-Mobile might be willing to offer competing
service, even if only via VoIP, is a Good Thing(tm).

Bill Horne

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