T-Mobile and Sprint's plan prices may chase Verizon and AT&T, as carriers ditch the discou...

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We hate to be a harbinger of bad news, but not only are phone prices
going up with no end in sight, but affordable carrier plans will be
few and far between going forward, it seems. After their merger
failed, Sprint and T-Mobile will now have to focus on expanding their
networks, and boosting profitability on their own, which will be
affecting their plan pricing, and their heretofore "affordable
carriers" mojo.

Sprint, which reported a much larger customer churn than the other
three carriers, due to its promos expiring en masse, already said last
week that from now on it will be chasing only valuable customers,
rather than engage in breakneck market share pursuit with discounts
that come to bite your bottom line a year or two down the line.


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