Sprint follows AT&T's lead on service fees [telecom]

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Sprint also quietly increased its administrative fee earlier this year

The move could generate nearly $200 million in additional annual

By Shawn Knight on July 17, 2018, 4:59 PM

In context: An extra $0.51 per month, or $6.12 annually, is hardly
enough to get your feathers ruffled over but at scale, it generates a
lot of additional income for Sprint. Given T-Mobile's recent bid to
acquire Sprint, however, it could be a moot point in the near future.

AT&T earlier this year quietly increased the administrative fee
charged to most of its wireless customers in the US. The nation's
second largest wireless carrier was heavily criticized over the matter
although most assumed the move was done to help finance its recent
acquisition of Time Warner.


Bill Horne

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