Some Teletype and other teleprinters for sale on Craigslist [telecom]

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My previous inquiry has generated a number of leads to teleprinters
available on Craigslist: there may be others, but these are what I have

It looks like spring cleaning is turning up lots of machines. The usual
disclaimers apply: I'm not involved with any of these.
Model 15 call 626 four19 2508 Rosemead, CA $50
Model 33 TWX with sound booth Asking $350 obo Phoenix, wants local pickup
Leatherbound manuals from WW2, wants $150 ea., call 404-three09-2426 in Atlanta
Model 19 CALL 856-four95-8744 Cherry Hill NJ $400 "firm"
Two Kleinschmidt TT-98 in Seattle WA $50

Bill Horne
"Maybe you'll get a replacement; there's plenty like me to be found
  Mongrels, who ain't got a penny
  Sniffing for tidbits like you
  On the ground"
                   - Elton John

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