Senators Continue To Point Out Our Broadband Maps Suck [telecom]

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For a country that likes to talk about "being number one" a lot,
that's sure not reflected in the United States' broadband networks, or
the broadband maps we use to determine which areas lack adequate
broadband or commpetition (resulting in high prices and poor
service). Our terrible broadband maps are of course a feature not a
bug; ISPs have routinely lobbied to kill any efforts to improve data
collection and analysis, lest somebody actually realize the telecom
market is a broken mono/duopoly whose dysfunction reaches into every
aspect of tech.

If you want to see our terrible broadband maps at work, you need only
go visit the FCC's $300+ million broadband availability map, which is
based on the Form 477 data collected from ISPs. If you plug in your
address, you'll find that not only does the FCC not include prices (at
industry behest), the map hallucinates speed and ISP availability at
most U.S. addresses. Part of the problem is that the FCC declares an
entire region "served" with broadband if just one home in a census
tract has service. Again, ISPs fight efforts to reform this in a bid
to protect the status quo.

Bill Horne
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