Robocalls getting worse [telecom]

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CBS News reported that some 30 billion spam calls were made in  
the U.S. last year.  This year, that number is expected to climb  
by more than 10 billion.  The robocall blocking company YouMail,  
said the most alarming part is the number of spam calls that  
are actually scams. Of the 4 billion robocalls made in August,  
nearly 1.8 billion of them were fraudulent. Next year, some  
estimates predict half of all mobile calls will be scams.

(CBS played a fake call claiming to be the IRS.  I just
got that call the other day on my cell phone).

Not mentioned was that many cell phone users are pay-as-
you-go, and they must pay for every incoming call.  It is
illegal to send any soliciting call to a cell phone, but
that law is obviously ignored and not enforced.  (I had a
relative in a nursing home who was bombarded by soliciting
calls to the extent we had to pull the phone.  That such
calls were illegal didn't stop them.)

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