Real-Life Lessons Learned from Hurricane Michael, Others [telecom]

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Recalling the experiences of businesses that have gone through
recovery could help you prepare for any of your own disasters.

By Tim Proctor

Being a Florida boy, I've been through many hurricanes over the years
-- the last 54 years, to be exact. The worst of these has included
Hurricane Andrew (Category 5, Miami, August 1992) and Hurricane Ivan
(Category 3, Pensacola, September 2004). In fact, Hurricane Ivan was
part of a four-hurricane flurry in our area during a 15-month period
in 2004-2005.

In my 31 years in telecom, I've had clients dealing with storms,
too. It seems that almost every year, I have clients in Florida or
along the Gulf Coast that must deal with storms. Today, I wanted to
take you through my clients' experiences with hurricanes so that you
can learn from them and possibly help your organization become better
prepared for any disasters that cross your path.

Bill Horne
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Re: Real-Life Lessons Learned from Hurricane Michael, Others [telecom]
On Friday, August 2, 2019 at 5:12:22 PM UTC-4, Tim Proctor wrote:
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Historical notes:

The Bell System responds to hurricane Diane in 1955

Bell/Western Electric ad about hurricane prep
(preceding pages photo essay on storm damage)

1955 Telephone men and supplies were on their way before the winds stopped

1951 fighting a costly flood

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