Re: [telecom] The Future Of Transportation Needs To Look More Like The Internet

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This last statement is not true, and is, ironically, what Trump himself
is inaccurately claiming. The Post is not affiliated with Amazon; it is
the personal property of Jeff Bezos. Bezos is also Amazon's founder and
is currently its largest (16+ percent), but not majority, shareholder.
Amazon is therefore not the Post's corporate parent, though "half-sibling"
might qualify as an apt description of their relationship.  

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Agreed. More directly related to the telecom sphere, another worrying
example of political interference in markets can be seen in President
Trump's opposition to AT&T's effort to buy Time-Warner. There are valid
legal and public policy arguments about market concentration and such that
can be made against this combination, but "I hate CNN's 'fake news' coverage
of my administration" is not one of them.  

Bob Goudreau
Cary, NC

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