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       I am sitting here laughing because the letter I sent to Verizon
Corporate Headquarters (the address above as I copied it exactly
off of their Web site) was returned to me today as having an
'insufficient address'.

       If I can't rely on their address information on their Web site, how
do they expect customers and business contacts to reach them?

       Very, very, sad for them!  But I am ROTFL!

       What does this say about Verizon?


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Re: [Telecom] Cannot Get Answer from Verizon
On Monday, September 24, 2018 at 12:40:44 PM UTC-4, the Moderator wrote:

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For what it's worth, I do research into corporate history.  
Years ago, corporations maintained public relations department
with prominently published addresses to handle inquiries from
the news media and individual.  This was once considered an
important function to maintain customer loyalty and public
goodwill.  One could even walk in off the street and see
a p/r person*, but today security restrictions discourage that.

But today I've noticed it's hard to find an mailing address on
a website.  It seems fewer corporations publish descriptive
annual reports for the public, releasing only mandated financial
data (e.g. a 10-K).  Many companies offer only a brief summary
on their web page.  Some have a "contact us" email box to use.

In addition, a number of old companies maintained libraries
or archives, which could be visited by the public for research.
They too have been closed, sadly.  I think their reason was
activists would dig up literally ancient actions and use them
for litigation.

* Tom Watson Jr, former president of IBM, wrote about all  
of this in his memoir, Father, Son & Co.  IBM made sure
that individual and media inquirers were given full service.
Personally, when I was a kid, I visited IBM out of curiosity,
and in response they gave me a whole tour of their facility.
Bell Telephone was very security conscious years ago, but
after a request, they let my family visit a central office.

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