Open Letter to 44,000 Verizon Employees [telecom]

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Verizon's new strategy is a pratfall waiting to happen.

By Geoffrey James

Dear Verizon employees:

By this point, you've no doubt heard that Verizon will pay you three
weeks' salary for every year of service, if you leave the company
voluntarily. You're probably wondering whether you should stay and
hope for the best, or should you take the money and run.

Stop wondering. Take the money. Tell your boss--today--that you want
the severance package. Regardless of how long you've worked for the
company, the money is a much better deal than what's coming down the
pike. Here's why:

Bill Horne
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Re: Open Letter to 44,000 Verizon Employees [telecom]
On Monday, December 3, 2018 at 10:44:55 AM UTC-5, Bill Horne wrote:
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CBS News reported that 10,000 workers to leave company with up to 60  
weeks pay:  Verizon Communications on Monday said 10,400 employees  
are taking a voluntary buyout, the latest example of corporate  
downsizing as big companies shift from old lines of business to  
new opportunities while the economy is still strong.

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