New Apple Airport Extreme base stations? [Telecom]

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We have Comcast Internet access; an older Airport Extreme base station;
a brand new Airport Extreme (2009) base station; and a large house with
a rental section at one end.

The new Airport Extreme lets you create an "Owner" SSID and a "Guest"
SSID, which can be kept isolated from each other. In our case the guest
area is at the opposite end of the house from where the Comcast modem is
located.  So, suppose we

*  Install the new Extreme at the end by the cable modem;

*  Let it hand out all the IP addresses for Owner and Guest SSIDs,
    and broadcast *both* SSIDs to that end of the house;

*  Install old Extreme in middle of house, connected to new Extreme
   via an existing Cat 5 cable run, and operate this old Extreme in
   bridge mode.

Question:  Will this old Extreme then be able to retransmit -- that is,
also broadcast -- *both* SSIDs to the middle and far end of the house?

[Our installer guy says, no, it can't -- it can only broadcast *one* of
those SSIDs.]

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